Thought Leadership

PIC regularly publishes papers looking in detail at issues of relevance to the trustees and sponsors of defined benefit pension funds, policymakers, investors and other stakeholders.

Download our papers using the links below:

Date Publication title PDF
 2019 Filling the £35bn funding gap: How insurance capital helps fund social housing in the UK Download report

Download infographic
2017  Professional Pensions and PIC trustee survey: Attitudes to risk, scheme reform and trust (second annual survey) Download
2016 Investing in a time of negative real yields: When 're-risking' can be 'de-risking'  Download
2016 Professional Pensions and PIC trustee survey: Trust in pension scheme advisors and providers (first annual survey) Download
2014 Who carries the risk? Asset-allocation challenges for defined-benefit pension schemes and their sponsors on the road to buyout Download
2014 The influence of DB pensions on the market valuation of the Pension Plan Sponsor Download
2013 UK Infrastructure: The challenges for investors and policymakers Download
2012 The Asset Sale and Purchase Programme (ASAPP) and the pension fund connection: QE, infrastructure and credit Download
2011 How the purchase of very long dated gilts under QE disproportionately hits pension funds  Download
2011 The effects of Quantitative Easing on defined benefit pension funds - introduction Download