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Our ESG approach

As our business continues to grow, PIC is becoming an increasingly visible presence across the UK’s economy and society. Not only are we paying £1,594 million a year in pension payments to our policyholders, but the assets we invest in to support these payments help to make the economy greener, provide social housing, regenerate our cities and support our education system for the benefit of younger and future generations.

As asset owners we look at sustainability as part of the whole investment picture. We evaluate a number of risk factors on each and every investment decision we take.

Purposeful and long-term investments mean that we have always considered financial and non-financial risks – including ESG factors. This covers things like: 


  • greenhouse gas and carbon emissions
  • pollution
  • energy efficiency
  • deforestation
  • biodiversity
  • waste and water management
  • Sustainability


  • consideration of all stakeholders
  • customer satisfaction
  • employee engagement and retention
  • impact on the local community
  • cultural and gender diversity
  • fair pay and taxes



  • principles for running a business
  • integrity of corporate actions
  • internal audit and accountability
  • diversity of the Board
  • fair profit
  • bribery, corruption and whistleblowing

ESG assets (%)


How we focus on long-term value creation underpins our approach to Environmental, Social and Governance ('ESG') issues.

The total value of our ESG assets is £10.9 billion. 

ESG approach

Need more information on PIC's ESG approach? Download our key documents here to discover more.

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PIC policyholder

Our business can only work the way we do by looking long-term.

Our purpose is to pay the pensions of our current and future policyholders. The guaranteed pensions of all of our policyholders is backed by a purposeful investment strategy. As risk-averse investors, the strategy prioritises the management of key risks, including Environmental, Social and Governance and climate risk.

Our Net Zero commitments

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