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Our culture and values

Our customers are our priority

We value all our stakeholders and work hard to provide an exceptional service to all our customers (policyholders, trustees and sponsors). We listen to and are responsive to their requirements.

Our culture is built on a foundation of strong values:

Providing security

  • We provide long-term stability and financial security to our policyholders by maintaining a resilient balance sheet

Embracing new ideas

  • We do things differently. Being agile and innovative to deliver tailored solutions

Being a team

  • We’re stronger together – respecting, valuing and nurturing our people

Striving to be the best

  • We focus on the small details that leave big impressions. We listen and challenge to deliver exceptional results

Doing the right thing

  • We’re fair and transparent – and we believe in doing the right thing 

Rachel Fennell, PIC policyholder

Why the PIC penguins?

Emperor penguins have been central to PIC’s brand from the start. That’s because they’re memorable and intrinsically appealing, as well as striking to look at. Emperor penguins embody qualities that the PIC team works hard to emulate every day. They are: 




They form lifelong partnerships, working together to protect and nurture their young and cooperating for the wellbeing of the group. Like them, our team invests time in building long-term relationships, showing ourselves to be dependable and dedicated.


Penguins have evolved to live successfully in water and on land, in many different climates. We too are adaptable, staying agile in a changing environment and evolving our business with innovative solutions to meet client needs.


There are few animals on earth as tough as Emperor penguins, who withstand long Antarctic winters and endure months without food. PIC stays strong even in the harshest economic conditions and in the face of the most volatile markets.

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