Our approach

"We think we view the world slightly differently from most other companies. Purpose is really critical to how we operate. Our values articulate how this purpose feeds through into the work we do, for example attaining the Institute of Customer Service’s Service Mark for outstanding customer service. We are therefore proud of our track record of innovation and flexibility, our reputation for customer service and the quality of our people." Tracy Blackwell, Chief Executive Officer, PIC 

  • We value our customers (policyholders, trustees and sponsors) and work hard to provide high quality service
  • We provide sector-leading expertise, operating at a level of excellence in everything we do
  • We know the benefit of working together as a team. We respect, value and nurture our people both in terms of their development and engagement
  • We pride ourselves on doing things differently, being adaptable enough to operate successfully in any environment and match any challenge
  • We’re committed to managing risk and providing long-term stability and financial security for our customers

In any financial transaction, I think that the most important thing is integrity. It’s what I always look for. You can usually tell that by experience of dealing with people, really – who’s the expert, who’s not, who’s telling you a straight story, who’s not. That’s absolutely core of any transaction, in my opinion.

Trevor Sykes Head of Finance at the Mercers’ Company

Actions speak louder than words and PIC’s customer service levels have gone beyond my expectations

PIC policyholder 2017

Very simply it’s a well run business with strict risk controls...

Gary Kirk Founding Partner, Portfolio Management, TwentyFour Asset Management

Find out more about our innovative approach to transactions, the care with which we treat our policyholders and the robust measures we take to manage risk in our asset portfolio.