Working for us

The company has a flat structure, with short reporting lines, modern systems and processes and an open, entrepreneurial culture. This allows us to react quickly to customer needs. In order to build a sense of ownership of the business and incentivise individuals to grow the business in the right way, we operate a Save as You Earn scheme. This allows employees to build up blocks of shares in the company. The scheme is open to all employees on an annual basis. This is unusual for a private company, but we believe it lays the foundations for a sustainable and successful company for many years to come.

Other key areas for ensuring that we act as a team include: 

  • Open door policy for all senior management
  • Active mentoring for actuarial students
  • Flexible working
  • Equal opportunities
  • Staff attendance at policyholder events
  • Sporting events, including company football and netball teams
  • Company-wide charity fundraising events, including our eagerly anticipated annual treasure hunt  


[PIC's] staff are recruited in the first instance for the right attitude towards customers and colleagues"

Institute of Customer Service, awarding PIC the ServiceMark with Distinction for dedication and passion for great customer service 2017