Our culture and values

Our values and culture, as central to our ethos when we were founded as they are today, help ensure that all our employees, from our interns to our Chairman, genuinely treat our customers as our first priority, whilst at the same time delivering strong performance for our shareholders.

PIC's Values, outlined below, emerged from group discussions involving every single PIC employee, from interns to senior management. The outcome of this process showed that customer service was the number one employee value; it has now been formalised as such.

The results of an Institute of Customer Service survey of all PIC staff showed that c.95% of them expressed the view that PIC has a good reputation for customer service, with approximately the same number believing that PIC "treats our customers as individuals by responding flexibly to their needs."

Attaining ServiceMark in 2015 was a real achievement and I am delighted that we have now been able to award PIC ServiceMark with Distinction. Their dedication to, and passion for, great customer service marks PIC out as a standard bearer – one that others should follow."

Jo Causon CEO at the Institute of Customer Service

Our values in full: 

Valuing our customers

We value our customers (policyholders, trustees and sponsors) and work hard to provide high quality service. We listen to and we will be responsive to their needs, acknowledging the need for fair and sustainable commercial practices.


Doing the right thing

Integrity is fundamental to the way we operate. We ensure our customers understand the information that we share. We are straightforward to deal with and do what we say we’ll do.

Striving to be the best

We provide sector leading expertise, operating at a level of excellence in everything we do. We strive to be the best and deliver a consistently high quality offering. We work hard to maintain and build on our credibility and track record.

Providing security

We’re committed to managing risk and providing long-term stability and financial security for our customers. We appreciate the need for, and the value of, our regulatory framework. We recognise the importance of assurance work in delivering policyholder security.

Embracing new ideas

We pride ourselves on doing things differently. We go beyond existing ways of thinking to come up with innovative, personalised solutions and flexible ways to deliver them. We identify innovative solutions to problems and challenges. We are willing to do things differently.

Being a team

We respect and value our people, are interested in their perspectives and opinions and care about their development and engagement. We create a motivating and flexible environment for all our employees.


PIC policyholder case study


I was a member of the Thorn Pension Fund, which I joined in 1992. PIC insured my benefits as part of the full buyout of the pension fund in 2008.

The transition from pension fund member to policyholder was excellent. I was kept well informed at all stages and PIC’s correspondence contained the salient facts not buried in lots of waffle. I wasn’t concerned about the move to an insurance company because I felt my pension would be better protected.

I find PIC refreshingly easy to deal with. I have never had a problem contacting PIC personnel and it’s so good to speak to actual human beings instead of automated machines.

I have been to several of the complimentary events which PIC puts on for its policyholders. I like these events because of the willingness of PIC staff, including senior management, to interact with their policyholders. This really makes their service levels stand out from other companies.

In fact, I cannot think of any companies I deal with (large or small) where I achieve such a high level of interaction. It really makes you feel like you’re a person, not just a name and policy number.

Outside of these events, I find there is easy access to staff at Head Office when you have queries and I always receive a prompt and helpful response.

To me, a company can be the best in the field without being a household name…. pauses to open the golden envelope: "the OSCAR for ‘Best Company Customer Service’ goes to… PIC."

Former Thorn Pension Fund member and proud PIC policyholder