Our clients

  • Toray

  • £63m Full buyout
  • Honda

  • £7m Full buyout

Philips Pension Fund

£2.4bn buyout

  • Largest ever full buyout, all risks and simultaneous reinsurance of longevity risk
  • Covers the benefits of around 26,000 members
  • The transaction incorporated an “all risks” structure, in that PIC assumes all risks, including future data corrections, on signing of the contract
  • A key feature of the transaction is simultaneous reinsurance of the longevity risk by PIC with Hannover Re, including an unprecedented level of non-retired members

"This has been a complex transaction given the size and history of the Fund. I want to thank…PIC for their hard work and flexibility in securing these pension liabilities for the long-term."

David Jordan, Chairman of Trustees, Philips Pension Fund 

PMCDE (Panasonic Mobile Communications Development of Europe Ltd)

£45m buyout

  • Full buyout


EMI Pension Fund £1.5bn buyout

  • All risks transfer structure
  • 20,000 members insured
  • Price locked to the value of the premium assets

Summary - EMI Pension Fund

PIC conducted a Pensioner Buyout for the EMI pension fund. The transaction included an “all risks” transfer structure. 20,000 members were insured and a price lock was completed to the value of the premium assets.

NSPCC Pension Scheme

£63m buy-in

  • Trustees able to defer meeting the potential cost of deflation
  • Tailored solution, removed biggest risks, such as longevity, inflation an investment
  • Costs of deflation deferred

“We are delighted to have locked down volatility on a significant portion of our liabilities, securing those risks which we deem material. We worked closely with PIC, to shape the contract to meet our needs, which meant we were able to save a considerable amount on the premium. The PIC team were positive and flexible in helping us achieve our goals.”

Steve Delo, Independent Chair of Trustees, PAN Governance

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Staff Pension Scheme

£16m buy-in

  • Trustees exchanged gilts for a buy-in
  • All pensioners insured

Summary - The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Staff Pension Scheme

PIC worked with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries to conduct a Pensioner Buy-in amounting to £16m. Trustees exchanged gilts for the buy-in and all pensioners were insured under the transaction.

Aon Minet Pension Scheme

Aon Minet Pension Scheme

  • £210m pensioner buy-in
  • Second pension insurance buy-in with the Aon Minet Pension Scheme with the earlier transaction covered pensioner liabilities of circa £100m (2012)
  • PIC worked with the trustees to determine an appropriate sub-section of the population to insure with the subsequent transaction covering the total pensioner population.

"We chose PIC following a competitive market review. Our experience with them on the previous tranche and their competitive and flexible proposal for this tranche supported our decision."

Robert Dickinson CBE, Chairman of Trustees, Aon Minet Pension Scheme 

Watson Petroleum Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme

£30m pensioner buyout

  • Trustees keen to take advantage of narrow window of opportunity in the markets
  • PIC helped to put the structures in place to allow the Trustees to do so
  • Transaction overseen by company founder Tony Watson

"I am confident that we have found the best home for our scheme members. PIC is well known for excellent customer service, both for trustees and for policyholders. My personal experience of working with them has entirely borne this out."

Andrew Barnett, Trustee, Watson Petroleum Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme 

Vesuvius Group Pension Plan

£320m buy-in

  • Premium payments tied into company contribution schedule
  • £320m initial pensioner buy-in
  • Subsequently agreed insurance for future retirees
  • Ability to insure future tranches of pensioners for the next 3-5 years

“We were very pleased with the flexibility and innovation that PIC showed in the completion of the initial pension insurance buy-in. We continue to work closely with Vesuvius to manage a gradual de-risking of the plan and the approach we developed with PIC enables us to achieve this. We are delighted to have locked in pricing for the first tranche of retirees. This removes volatility from the plan and allows us to develop our future strategy with confidence.”

Allan Course, Chairman of the Trustees, Vesuvius Group Pension Plan 

Gartmore Pension Scheme

£160m buy-in

  • Full buy-in

"We are pleased that the Trustee of the Gartmore Pension Scheme has entered into this buy-in agreement with PIC, which removes risk from the pension fund and most related risks from our shareholders following the acquisition of Gartmore in 2011."

Andrew Formica, Chief Executive, Henderson Group

Cookson Group Pension Plan

£320m buy-in

  • Pensioner buy-in

"We are delighted with the flexibility and responsiveness of the PIC team."

Allan Course, Chairman of the Trustees, Cookson Group Pension Plan

Graham & Brown Retirement Benefits Scheme

£15m buy-in

  • Partial buy-in

"This innovative buy-in with PIC has allowed us to achieve our aim of insuring all our pensioners on day one, despite having a small deficit. The deferred premiums will be payable over the next five years, replicating the scheme's funding plan, but removing volatility and risk and providing certainty about pension payments. The PIC team has been flexible and constructive in helping us find an innovative solution to what some considered an intractable problem."

John Carter, Chairman of Trustees, Graham & Brown Retirement Benefits Scheme 

Mercers' Livery Company Pension Scheme

£35m buyout

  • Full buyout

"The PIC team have been flexible and responsive in helping us insure our members' benefits, especially as we completed this transaction in a shortened timescale. We selected PIC after a competitive process not only because of the way they helped us shape the transaction, but also because they place a high priority on policyholder care and service standards."

Sir Alexander Graham GBE DLC, Chairman of Trustees, Mercers' Company Staff Pension Scheme 


Toray Textiles Europe Pension Scheme £63m full buyout

  • The company contributed £15 million to complete the transaction
  • 800 members

“We were able to run a competitive process to choose an insurer which demonstrated value for money, financial strength and strong operational credentials. PIC met these requirements and provided a flexible, innovative solution.”

Richard Stephens, Financial Director, Toray Textiles Europe Ltd


Honda Racing Section of the Honda Pension Scheme £7m full buyout

  • Insured portion covers both deferred and current pensioners
  • Buyout was completed following an additional payment from sponsoring company

"Following the wind-up of Honda's Formula One activities we have now secured the pensions of the members of this portion of the pension scheme. We have been impressed with the professionalism and flexibility of Pension Insurance Corporation's team in helping us to achieve this successful buyout for the HRD members."

The Chairman of Trustees, Honda Pension Scheme

London Stock Exchange Pension Scheme

£158m pensioner buy-in

  • Future retirees
  • £45m on pre-agreed terms

Summary - London Stock Exchange Pension Fund

PIC worked with the London Stock Exchange to conduct a £158m Pensioner Buy-in. This included £45m on pre-agreed terms and also future retirees.

ITB Closed Fund

£170m buy-in

  • Full buy-in

"We are delighted to have completed this transaction. In proceeding with the buy-in, the Trustees have taken similar action to the trustees of many other major UK pension schemes who had completed buy-ins over the last few years. Prior to the purchase was the completion of legal due diligence, which served to confirm material facts in relation to the purchase and the evaluation of the financial strength of PIC."

Peter Rogerson OBE, Chairman of Trustees, ITB

Morris Ashby Pension Scheme

£38m buyout

  • Full buyout

"PIC has been very supportive and responsive during this transaction, providing a streamlined approach and a structure to help us manage our execution risks within the constrained pot of assets available to us. I am very pleased that we have been able to secure our members' benefits with them."

Esther White, Chairman of Trustees (and also of HR Trustees) 

George Hammond Retirement Benefits Plan

£19m buyout

  • Full buyout

"Although we have been looking at de-risking for some time, we had to move extremely quickly to ensure that we are able to take advantage of significantly improved levels of affordability. The markets have been volatile for some time now and we did not want to miss the opportunity to secure our members' benefits. The PIC team have been very responsive at all stages of this transaction, including our initial investigations into buyout structuring and pricing. We were very pleased and PIC was able to work with us to such short deadlines and ensure we were able to complete the transaction."

David Ryeland, Chairman of Trustees, George Hammond Plc Retirement Benefits Plan 


Nova Chemicals UK Pension Plan

£30m buyout

  • Full buyout

"Pension Insurance Corporation's tailored solution and competitive financial proposition helped secure their selection ahead of several other insurers."

Martin Sanderson, Trustee, Nova Chemicals UK Pension Plan 

Alliance UniChem UK Group Pension Scheme

£300m full buyout

  • 3,000 members insured
  • Transaction completed prior to adverse market movement in 2011
  • Transaction to buyout completed within 9 months
  • Part of the premium met through transfer of company owned assets

Summary- Alliance UniChem UK Group Pension Scheme

PIC worked with Allied Boots to conduct a full Pensioner Buyout on the Alliance UniChem UK Group Pension Scheme. The transaction covered 3,000 members amounting to a £300m full buyout and completed within 9 months.

Alitalia Italian Airlines Pension and Assurance Scheme

£53m full buyout

  • Buyout from PPF assessment
  • Flexibility to alter benefit structure post-transaction
  • Pensions insured: significantly in excess of PPF minimum in each case
  • Flexibility to allocate future recoveries from sponsor to uplift benefits

Summary- Alitalia Pension Fund

PIC conducted a full buyout with Alitalia covering a total of £53m. Alitalia was given the flexibility to alter the benefit structure post-transaction. The pensions insured were significantly in excess of PPF minimum in each case. The transaction also allowed the flexibility to allocate future recoveries from sponsor to uplift benefits.

Aggregate Industries Pension Plan

£210 buy-in

  • Pensioner buy-in

"Pension Insurance Corporation's tailored solutions and competitive financial propositions ensured they were selected ahead of several other insurers."

Ian McGown, Head of Pensions and Benefits at Aggregate Industries 

Foster Yeoman Retirement Plan 2000

£95m buyout

  • Full buyout

"These transactions follow a wide-ranging review of pension risks underwritten by Aggregate Industries and the options available to address them. We are extremely pleased to have completed two complex transactions simultaneously and in such a short period."

Ian McGown, Head of Pensions and Benefits at Aggregate Industries

Arnold Laver Pension Scheme

£43m buyout

  • Full buyout

Summary- Arnold Laver Pension Scheme 

In the first completed transaction of its kind, a full buyout was conducted whilst the scheme was still in deficit. Premium payments were tied into the company contribution schedule and the transaction allowed for RPI/CPI flexibility.  

Cadbury Pension Fund

£500m pensioner buy-in

  • Worked with Trustees to determine optimal risk profile to transfer

Summary- Cadbury Pension Fund

PIC conducted a £500m Pensioner Buy-in with Cadbury’s. PIC worked closely with the pension fund Trustees to determine the optimal risk profile to transfer.

Denso Manufacturing Pension Schemes

£336m buyout

  • Full buyout
  • Japanese parent company
  • All risks, costs and liabilities covered: Data, GMP, legislative, regulatory, trust deed & rules, wind up costs, etc
  • Unique structure whereby sponsoring employer exits within days of transaction
  • Maintaining on-going benefit accrual for active members rather than transferring them to a DC arrangement

First completed transaction of its kind

"The trustees are pleased that all scheme members will benefit from insurance for past benefits as well as continuing future accruals. The PIC team were reassuring throughout the process, spending three days meeting members of the pension schemes at our facilities."

Raymond Ainscoe, Chairman of the Trustees, DENSO Marston Pension Scheme

Liberty International Group Retirement Benefit

£60m buyout

  • £46m in scheme assets and £15 in company contribution

"Pension Insurance Corporation offers a strong proposition in securing member benefits for the long term…The PIC team was very helpful and constructive in negotiations, helping us to achieve the best overall result for our members."

David Bramson, Chairman of the Scheme, Liberty International Group Retirement Benefit

Retirement Scheme of Food from Britain (Defra)

£20m buyout

  • First ever public sector backed scheme

"The transaction demonstrates that it is still possible to complete a successful bulk annuity deal despite difficult markets…Pension Insurance Corporation offered the best solution for Scheme members."

David Ellis, Principle at Mercer

Walthamstow Stadium Retirement Benefits Scheme

£20m buyout

  • Full buyout

Summary- Walthamstow Stadium Retirement Benefits Scheme

Following the closure of the business, based around the former greyhound racecourse, the pension scheme was closed to future accrual. The Trustee concluded that the safety and security of member benefits would be secured through a full pension insurance buyout transacted with Pension Insurance Corporation. The Trustee was impressed with Pension Insurance Corporation's business approach and willingness to do business on competitive terms.  


Thomson Regional Newspapers Fund

£35m buyout

  • Deferred buyout

"Under Citi's sponsorship and also now the PIC insurance solution, the TRN Fund enjoys a level of security to which most other UK pension schemes can only aspire. We believe TRN is a great example of how pension scheme risk management should operate in practice."

Francis Fernandes, Head of Pensions Actuarial, Citi

Warwick International Group Pension Scheme

£57m buy-in

  • Buy-in covering retired pensioners only
  • Step to fully de-risking scheme

"We are delighted to have appointed Pension Insurance Corporation as our partner in this insurance buy-in."

Phil Kelsall, Chair of Trustees, Warwick International Group Pension Scheme 

Inchcape Shipping Services Pension Scheme

£15m buyout

  • Full buyout

"We are very pleased to have completed this pension insurance buyout with PIC. The ongoing security of our members' pensions is of the utmost importance to us as Trustees and we believe that PIC will provide that security for the long term."

John Horrocks, Chair of the Trustees, Inchcape Shipping Services Pension Scheme

Thorn Pension Fund

£1.1bn buyout

  • Full buyout

"Thorn is delighted that members' pension benefits have been secured through this insurance agreement and, coupled with increased member entitlements, believes this deal is the best possible outcome for the group's former employees."

Andrew Gurnham, Director of Thorn Limited


The UK Can Pension Plan

£42m buyout

  • The UK Can Pension Plan was under the Pension Protection Fund (PPF)
  • PIC found an innovative solution to ensure that members received greater specified benefits than those received under the PPF

"We were particularly pleased with Pension Insurance Corporation’s approach of putting members at the forefront of the process. A key factor in the decision of the Trustee to choose Pension Insurance Corporation was its willingness to tailor a solution to make the transition as smooth as possible."

Chris Martin, Trustee to The UK Can Pension Plan (and Managing Director of Independent Trustee Services)

Delta Pension Scheme

£451m buyout

  • First large partial buyout
  • Insured liabilities removed from the sponsor’s balance sheet
  • Improved security position for non-insured members

Summary- Delta Pension Scheme

PIC conducted a partial buyout (pensioners) with the Delta Pension Scheme for a total of £451m. It insured that liabilities were removed from the sponsor’s balance sheet. This improved the security for the non-insured members.

Leyland DAF Pension Scheme

£230m buyout

  • £230m buyout
  • Sponsoring company in liquidation

"I believe that Pension Insurance Corporation offers the best opportunity for us to de-risk the pension scheme given the current market conditions, offering the best level of security for the members’ benefits."

Oliver Rowlands, Director, Aon Trust Corporation

Swan Hill Pension Scheme

£72m buyout

  • Full buyout

"The Trustees are very pleased to be able to announce that we have secured our members' benefits with Pension Insurance Corporation. Along with the security provided by an FSA-authorised insurance company, Pension Insurance Corporation has demonstrated a real focus on looking after our members through its prudent and cautious approach to managing pension scheme assets and liabilities."

James Hyslop, Chairman of the Swan Hill Pension Scheme Trustees 

Merchant Retail Group Pension Scheme (A.S. Watson Group)

£9m buyout

  • Full buyout

"I believe that Pension Insurance Corporation meets our members’ needs for security for the future, and on that basis I am delighted that we were able to appoint them."

David Wadham, Chair of Trustees, Merchant Retail Group Pension Scheme